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  • Europeana's pilot on Google's Field Trip app

    Europeana, Google’s Niantic Labs and three partner memory institutions - the Swedish National Heritage Board, the National Heritage Board of Estonia and the National Heritage Board of Poland - have successfully completed a pilot project to integrate curated cultural content in Google’s Field Trip app ( Now, tourists from around the world can use the app on site to view and learn about archaeological sites, historical buildings and important monuments in Poland, Estonia and Sweden.

    You can download the Field Trip app on Google Play Store and iTunes or even get it for Glass.

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  • Museums.EU

    Museums.EU describes itself as “The European Museums Network intended to present and promote museums and cultural heritage across Europe”.

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  • Historiana

    The Historiana Learning Section is the History Education Pilot from the Europeana Creative Project.

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  • Ajapaik / Timepatch

    Ajapaik (translated from Estonian to English as ‘Timepatch’) is a location based site inviting users to look around and add metadata to historical images. It also adds a social and competitive element, with points awarded for contributions made.

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  • Culture Collage MS Office app

    The Culture Collage MS Office App allows easy embedding of images, together with their associated descriptions and license information, directly into documents such as Powerpoint presentations.

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  • VanGoYourself

    VanGoYourself is a genuinely different and surprisingly deep way for visitors to engage with heritage, based on emotion, playfulness and curiosity: recreate a painting or historic photo with your friends, then upload and share your photograph, twinned with the original, for others to enjoy.

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  • Sound Connections

    Explore sounds from across Europe and help enrich them with contextual information and audio-visual media.

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  • The Secret Legacy

    The Secret Legacy is part of the Europeana Creative Natural History Education Pilot.

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  • Memory Match - Natural History edition

    Memory Match – Natural History Edition, is an educational game combining the classic memory game of finding pairs with a quiz game testing player’s knowledge of natural history.

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  • CultureCam

    The Culture Cam tool offers a non-text based visual search interface to European cultural heritage.

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  • Culture Collage

    Culture Collage is developed by Monique Szpak (@zenlan) and started as a simple exercise in mashing up a few web technologies, including those of Europeana API.

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  • Europeana Beacon (eBe)

    Europeana Beacon was the winner of the Apps for Europe award at Hack4Pisa, October 2014.

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  • TuoMuseo / YourMuseum

    TuoMuseo was one of the winning entries in the Hack4Pisa event in October 2014.

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