Annotations API

The Annotations API allows you to create and retrieve user- and machine created annotations on Europeana objects.

The Annotations API is an extension to the Europeana REST API which allows for the management of annotations. Annotations are user-contributed or system-generated enhancements, additions or corrections to (a selection of) metadata or media. To get straight to the point of the API, you can go directly to the Getting Started page which tells you only what you have to know to start using the API.

The Annotations API project

The Annotations API is being developed as part of the Europeana Sounds project. The development is work is carried out by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in cooperation with the Europeana Foundation. The final version as scoped as part of the project will be released early 2017.

Roadmap and changelog

For an overview of what we're working on you can take a look at our Roadmap and changelog page.


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Terms of Use

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