Europeana REST API

The Europeana REST API allows you to build applications that use the wealth of cultural heritage objects stored in the Europeana repository. The API uses the standard web technology of REST calls over HTTP. Responses are returned in the popular JSON format.

To get straight to the point of the API, you can go directly to the Getting Started page which tells you only what you have to know to start using the API.


To start using the API you should register at the registration page. Upon registration you will get your individual private authentication key. This key should be used when calling API methods as a special wskey authentication parameter.

Backward Compatibility

The current version of the Europeana API (API2) is fully backward compatible with the previous version (API1). However, we encourage developers to switch to the new naming of the fields that were used in API1. For more information on the mapping between the new and the old fields, please see API1-API2 Fields Mapping.

API Console

There is a method for developers to see how Europeana API works and test it for their needs without getting registered - the API console. This is an interactive tool that allows filling method parameters in an online form and see both the expected results and the exact format of the call that should be used by an application to get these results. The API console has been built by us for developers’ convenience. You are encouraged to use it and provide us feedback about its usability for the developer community.


Join the Europeana API discussion group at Google Groups and get regular updates about the Europeana API, provide feedback and discuss it with other developer.

Terms of Use

Please see here our Terms of Use.