Data Downloads

This page lists the provenance of metadata currently available at It is organised according to the data aggregators or data providers (individual museums, libraries and archives) who contribute to Europeana.

##Current pilot datasets File dumps for 20 million objects from Europeana providers are downloadable in RDF at A detailed overview of the datasets and their data providers is available as a Google spreadsheet. It is possible to preview a dataset in the Europeana portal by using the following pattern in the search box: europeana_collectionName: "dataset name". E.g., europeana_collectionName: "15402_L_IE_IMC_census" or europeana_collectionName: "08602_Ag_EU_EFG_InstituoLuce"

##SPARQL endpoint Datasets can also be explored through a SPARQL endpoint at

##First experimental datasets

A subset of 2.4 million objects can be fetched over the HTTP protocol using standard Linked Data recipes. RDF files created for the individual collections are also available as dumps, either in N-Triple or XML RDF syntax. Note that single dumps of the RDF data for version 1.2 of are also available at

If you have any questions or feedback, contact us on the Europeana LOD group