Newspapers API

A powerful (full text) REST API to search through and retrieve newspaper metadata.

This part of our documentation reflects a beta version of the Europeana Newspapers API which allows you to search on and retrieve metadata from around 3.5m newspapers issues. Around 2m of the newspapers have associated free text.

Newspapers API vs other APIs

The Newspapers API behaves slightly different than other Europeana APIs, part of the efforts in the Beta phase are to align all Europeana APIs as much as possible.

Beta phase

The Newspaper API is currently in a beta phase, which means that it currently requires a separate API key for authentication (see registration) and that the API specification may change during the beta phase (something we'll add to our changelog). If you are interested in participating in our beta, please let us know. We look forward to your feedback.

Terms of Use

Please see here our Terms of Use.