Newspapers API - Getting started

Getting started with the Newspapers API: what do you need?

To get started with the Newspapers API you need an API key, to know where the endpoint is located and to know its response formats. This page will help you get underway.

API key

While the API is in a beta phase, you need to request a separate access key. When the API will be made public, you will be able to use your Europeana REST API key for authentication. You can request a key by sending a request to

Support and discussions

Join the Europeana API discussion group at Google Groups and get regular updates about the Europeana API, provide feedback and discuss it with other developers.


Every Newspapers API call is an HTTP request in a specified format that is sent to the Newspapers API service. The API root URLs for the service is at:

Response format

The Newspapers API supports the JSON and the XML formats. To control the response you can append the API method with one of the two. For JSON:

GET /search.json

For XML:

GET /search.xml


To authenticate your API client against the Newspapers API you need to pass along your API key as part of the wskey parameter:

GET /search.json?query=paris&wskey=xxxxx

Error Codes

An error during processing of an API method is reported by a relevant HTTP status code and a meaningful error message.

The following HTTP status codes are returned:

HTTP Status CodeDescription
200The request was executed successfully.
401Authentication credentials were missing or authentication failed.
404The requested method was not found.
500Internal Server Error. Something has gone wrong, which we will correct.