Europeana preview REST API

This part of our documentation reflects a preview version of the Europeana REST API. This is an upcoming version of our API and can be used to preview and play with new API functionality. Please have a look at our changelog for a list of all new features and API changes.

Preview features

The API features in the preview API are experimental and made available as a preview version first before making it available in production. The changelog reflects all changes, all other functionality should be the same as on the production API.


For the preview API you can use the same API key as you would use for the normal version of the API.


The preview API works with a dataset of the Europeana data that is 1-3 months behind on the data you can find on the Europeana portal.

API Console

The API console is currently not compatible with the API preview version.


Join the Europeana API discussion group at Google Groups and get regular updates about the Europeana API, provide feedback and discuss it with other developers.

Terms of Use

Please see here our Terms of Use.