Preview - Query Translation

Translate a term to different languages and return a query string to use in the search API method. Right now this functionality is a wrapper around a Wikipedia API call.


Parameter Datatype Description
wskey String Your API key
languageCodes String The ISO language codes separated by commas or spaces
term String The term to translate


Name Datatype Description
translations Array A list of translations. Each translation contains two fields:
text: the text of the translation
languageCode: the ISO language code of the translation
translatedQuery String A query string where each translations are concatenated by the boolean OR operator.


Get the translations of Notre Dame,en,hu&wskey=xxxxxxxx&term=notre%20dame

It returns

"apikey": "xxxxxxxx",
"action": "translateQuery.json",
"success": true,
"requestNumber": 8957,
"translations": [
"text": "Notre-Dame",
"languageCode": "nl"
"text": "Notre Dame",
"languageCode": "en"
"text": "Notre Dame",
"languageCode": "de"
"translatedQuery": "Notre-Dame OR \"Notre Dame\""

For background information see the blog post Improving search across languages