Preview - Suggestions

Get autocompletion recommendation for search queries. This call returns a list of Europeana records that contain a query term in one of their fields.


Parameter Datatype Description
query String The search term on which to search.
callback String Name of a client side [callback function](/api/preview-getting-started/#callback-function).
rows Number The maximum number of results (the default is 10).

Return all suggestions for the query 'paris':



A response to this call contains the common fields which are standard for all Europeana API calls and the fields below which are specific for this call.

Field Datatype Description
items Array ([Item](/api/preview-suggestions/#item)) A collection of suggestion items.


Each item represents a recommendation for search that contains the submitted item.

Field Datatype Description
term String Search suggestion.
frequency Number Number of Europeana records that answer this suggestion.
field String [Aggregated fields](/api/data-hierarchy/#aggregated-fields) where the term was found.
query String [Search query](/api/query/) to search for the suggestion.