Get autocompletion recommendations for search queries. This call returns a list of suggested query terms based on potential matches in Europeana.

PLEASE NOTE: this method is currently unavailable. A replacement is planned, but currently we have no fixed timescale for its delivery. If you want further information or can assist please contact us.


queryStringThe search term on which to search.
callbackStringName of a client side callback function.
rowsNumberThe maximum number of results (the default is 10).

Return all suggestions for the query 'paris':

Test on API Console


A response to this call contains the common fields which are standard for all Europeana API calls and the fields below which are specific for this call.

itemsArray(Item)A collection of suggestion items.


Each item represents a recommendation for search that contains the submitted item.

termStringSearch suggestion.
frequencyNumberNumber of Europeana records that answer this suggestion.
fieldStringAggregated fields where the term was found.
queryStringSearch query to search for the suggestion.