Clio Muse is a tour guide app which shares unique, interesting, true, timed stories. It was winner of the 1st Europeana Food & Drink Challenge

For museum visitors, ClioMuse tries to discover unique and unexpected stories, making art and culture accessible and understandable to all. Users have the opportunity for each exhibit to choose different stories, according to their interests.

Each story has its time duration in seconds, giving complete control of the visitor's time. For example they can start with short stories and if they are intrigued by an exhibit go on and read more!

Visitors can also vote for their favourite exhibits or keep them in a favourites’ list. This helps to improve the stories and overall experience through the app, making each exhibit more and more attractive.

For museums, they can listen to their audience and engage it through the app. Clio Muse is a statistics, marketing and promoting tool for exhibitions, where museums can share and administer published stories via a novel, interactive tool.