Culture Collage

Culture Collage is an easy to use and attractive discovery interface for Europeana's rich visual resources. It allows users to explore themes, run searches, and save images in a digital scrapbook.

Culture Collage results interfaceCulture Collage is developed by Monique Szpak (@zenlan) and started as a simple exercise in mashing up a few web technologies, including those of the Europeana API.

Monique writes: “The Europeana API proved to be easy to use and provides access to over 18 million images, which makes it perfect for a very visual application and has the added advantage of being able to connect the user to both famous and obscure collections and sources.”

Searches for a specific keyword result in a stream of related Europeana images. Clicking on an image lets you save it to a scrapbook and you can also hop over to the object’s page on the Europeana portal. Searches can be tweeted and search terms are preserved in the URL ready to be shared anywhere.

Monique has also developed Culture Collage apps for the Microsoft Office suite. These allow easy embedding of images, together with their associated descriptions and license information, directly into documents such as Powerpoint presentations.