Embedr is a simple way to embed high-quality images from cultural heritage institutions. Embedr introduces a playful way to explore, share and use these images.

Embedr.eu is an online tool that allows end users to easily embed openly licensed high-quality images from cultural heritage institutions. Embedr.eu automatically includes attribution and provenance information, ensuring that institutions can track the re-use of images that they have made available.

Embedr.eu has been developed as by Kennisland as part of the Europeana Creative project. It builds on the enhanced media functionality of the Europeana API introduced by the Content re-use framework. Embedr.eu provides access to all images from Europeana that are in the public domain or openly licenses and have a size of at least 4 megapixels. Embedr is an implementation of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) protocol. Embedr has added a method of embedding these images over platforms, and has included a description of delivering metadata with the images. The viewer embeds using iFrame, oEmbed and OpenGraph ensuring that embedding works accros a wide range of social networks.

Embedr.eu has been designed by Kennisland, and developed by Klokan Technologies. Contact the development team via hello@embedr.eu and find the code on GitHub. Follow us @embedr_eu