Europeana Sounds Crowdsourcing Space

A crowdsourcing campaign that lets you to identify musical instruments from the Europeana Sounds archives.

Have an ear for musical instruments? Use your talent to spot all the instruments you hear in the Europeana Sounds collections! Through the Europeana Sounds’ space on the WITH platform, you can participate of this crowdsourcing campaign by identifying all the instruments that you can hear in a song. The music in Europeana Sounds ranges from beautiful folk songs from Greece to Scandinavian improvised space rock, all the way to sounds coming from Tibetan monasteries.

10 tags grant you a bronze badge, 25 a silver, and with 50 tags you earn a golden badge. The tags are all controlled and available in many languages.

Be aware of using the ‘Instrument Tag’ in the Pundit tool, as this helps to have standardised names for all the musical instruments. See the instructions below to use Pundit and learn how to feel like a true archivist!

How does it work?

  1. Go to the WITH platform here and click on ‘Start tagging’.
  2. Login to the WITH platform to listen to the first of 10 random songs.
  3. Tag all the instruments you hear in the song using the Pundit button.
  4. Then go to the next musical recording by clicking ‘Next item’.

For further instructions, check out this video:


Europeana Sounds Crowdsourcing Space…