Europeana Video Remix

Europeana Video Remix was a competition held in 2014 for the most captivating compilation of media from Europeana.

The Europeana Video Remix competition was organized within the framework of the Europeana Awareness project, and invited young people between the ages of 13 and 19 to remix audiovisual content available through Europeana into an engaging video based on one of four themes:

  • 100th anniversary of World War I
  • 25th anniversary of the transformations in Central and Eastern Europe
  • History of fashion and style
  • History of technology and media

The winners were:

Aleksander Chojowski – Europeana Remix 2014

Bartosz Aziewicz, Kuba Kalcowski, Magdalena Ludwicka – Back to fun!

Marcin Nowak – Historyczny euro-mix

Edyta Garstkowiak, Bartosz Aziewicz, Magdalena Ludwicka – Communication

You can also view the entire gallery of entries.