Search Engine For Europeana

Search Engine For Europeana - A search engine that links data together to enable improved search.

Search Engine For Europeana - is a demonstrator showing how data linked together can enable improved search. A research prototype was created for Europeana by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – using linked data, which gives machines the ability to make associations and put search terms into context. More details on the linking of the data is available in this blog post.

For example, a search for ‘Paris' intuitively leads to connected concepts such as items in the Louvre, a Paris-based institution, or paintings portraying people named Paris, such as the Greek prince who abducted Helen of Troy. From there, more links point the way to topics like the ‘myth of Paris' or the mythical Apple of Discord - a golden apple that sparked a dispute and eventually led to the Trojan War - and then on to the forbidden apple eaten by Adam and Eve.

The semantic-search engine contained data of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, and the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (Netherlands Institute for Art History) in The Hague.

Search Engine For Europeana…