Storypix is a web exhibition platform that brings art into the digital realm and introduces a human voice to it. This app was designed to show artworks in high quality resolution on billboards or large outdoor screens. It allows for art institutions to meaningfully present their collection in public spaces.

You only need a smartphone and an internet connection to start using Storypix and interacting with the large screen that shows selected artworks. By entering an URL in your browser, a location prompt will connect your mobile to the screen in front of you. You’re straight inside the Storypix app, no downloads required.

You can zoom in on incredible detail to see artworks in a way that would be impossible before. The paint strokes and details of the canvas at your fingertips. And you can listen to stories: Storypix allows you to share personal stories on paintings and to listen to other people's contributions.

A cinematic experience of art that lets you get up close in a way no museum guard would ever let you.