The Mulberry Affair film

The Mulberry Affair is a short film receiving incubation support under the Europeana Food and Drink Second Challenge. The film mashes up openly licensed videos, images and historical records from Europeana.

The Mulberry Affair is a mockumentary about missing reporter Robert Petillo and the finding of his documentary videotapes about the sudden disappearance of mulberry trees. The videos reveal, aside from the story, the prodigious properties of that fruit and the existence of an international conspiracy that has been boycotting its diffusion. The disappearance of the reporter seems to be related to his own investigation after visiting his birthplace, Urbania in Central Italy, and noticing there were no longer any mulberry trees around his house. The movie mashes up videos, images and historical records under public domain or Creative Commons license (CC BY – SA 3.0 / CC BY 4.0.) from Europeana.

The Mulberrry Affair from Europeana Food and Drink onYoutube.