Virtual 17th-century Flemish inn

An online 3D resource showing a virtual reconstruction of the Swan inn: an establishment located in Ename, Belgium, during the year of 1665. The resource is based upon historical information, such as a map and a 1661 description of Ename, depictions of objects from the Rijksmuseum, and cultural items discovered through Europeana.

You are transported to an immersive environment where you can have a glimpse of how life in the 17th century used to be. Take a tour around the inn and get a closer look at the building, its objects (among which kitchen supplies and game boards) and local goodies. Learn even how people used to cool their wine! Links to related 17th century drawings and paintings help you to better imagine the life at Swan inn.

This 3D asset is part of the Ename 1665 game, which is to be launched in September 2017.

Enjoy the virtual tour on SketchFab or on Youtube.

Learn more about “Ename 1665” on the official blog of the project.

Virtual 17th-century Flemish inn…