VR Quiz

Europeana selected the prototype VR Quiz as winner of the Europeana Awards at Loomehakk, Estonia 2016.

VR Quiz is a virtual reality quiz game that allows users in museums and galleries to experience a First World War environment through ‘Oculus Rift’ headsets. The game also includes a quiz builder in which players can search for Europeana content with ease.

During the Loomehäkk hackathon (January 2016), Europeana selected the prototype VR Quiz as one of the winners of the Creative Estonia Competition. As champion of the re-use challenge, the game received funds from Europeana and should be launched by July 2016.

To create a war environment, this VR technology includes 3D objects sourced through Europeana. Also, it uses a back-end powered by the Europeana API.

See a preview of the game on: https://youtu.be/KGpFnu4tC-k

VR Quiz