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Explore our showcase of applications using the Europeana APIs and re-usable content. Discover tools to get you started, or browse our directory of open source software.

  • Labs/apps/cogapp.jpg

    Automated image analysis with IIIF

    Using Artificial Intelligence for bulk image analysis

  • Labs/apps/logo-Revive-Copy-E1456929486279-720X966.png


    An initiative from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, RE:VIVE brings together musicians and archives to create new material out of and inspired by curated audiovisual archival material.

  • Labs/apps/20170626-155422-Hdr.jpg

    Wotify card sets

    Using the Co-creation Made Agile methodology, Wotify card sets help creative teams to develop applications dedicated to education, cultural heritage and design.

  • Labs/apps/biblioteca-Nacional-De-Portugal.jpg

    Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

    The National Library of Portugal has implemented the Europeana API and now search results within the digital library include also Europeana content.

  • Labs/apps/kvk.jpg

    Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog

    The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK) is a search engine that gives access to millions of books, magazines and other media from library and book trade catalogs worldwide.

  • Labs/apps/dsc-6197.jpg

    re#MEDIA projects

    A selection of the art projects developed during the re#MEDIA program at the School of Form in Poznań, Poland.

  • Labs/apps/screenshot-Cat.jpg

    Art Up Your Tab

    The Chrome browser extension Art Up Your Tab shows you an enticing, inspiring painting or photograph from the rich collection of Europeana with every new tab or browser window that you open.

  • Labs/apps/labs-Icon.jpg

    Europeana bulk downloader

    A collection of code snippets (mainly php) for working with the Europeana API.

  • 2017-01/storypix-Example.png


    Storypix is a web exhibition platform that brings art into the digital realm and introduces a human voice to it.

  • Labs/apps/persepolis.jpg


    A virtual reconstruction of the ancient sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae through the eyes of 19th century travelers.

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