Welcome to the new Europeana Labs


This new Europeana Labs website is intended to provide all you need to get started using the Europeana APIs. Learn about the data, see what others have created, and find out how to build simple but powerful queries to extract bespoke results from a dataset of over 30 million objects - books, photos of art and artefacts, audio clips and more.

Last year we consulted with the developer community asking them what things would help them to make best use of the Europeana APIs. This Europeana Labs Beta site is the first major step towards putting in place the things we were told, but also a chance for us to learn more and make improvements before a full launch in late June.

What's New?

We’ve pulled together some great examples of both content and existing applications to give you a real taste for what is possible. This is backed up by a revamp of the API documentation, providing everything you should need to exploit the full potential of the Europeana platform and get creative with the content.

  • Take a look at sample Data, chosen to highlight a wide range of content types such as photographs, audio, and maps, and themes like archaeology and natural history. Each dataset gives you the chance to view the items in the Europeana Portal, but also to explore and edit the underlying query via the API Console.
  • If you need inspiration explore our gallery of top Apps, showcasing innovative applications that have already been built using the Europeana platform.
  • You’ll also find details of Locations, labs and co-creation spaces across Europe which offer online and real-world places where you can go to play, develop, test and build.
  • All this is backed up by a new Europeana Labs blog where we'll be featuring hints & tips and all the latest developments, plus a calendar of forthcoming events.

But wherever you are, whatever your skills, and no matter what you're planning, don't be afraid to ask for help as we're here to support you.

API Documentation

Once you have an idea and you want to start building your application, head to our comprehensive online documentation. It covers both the REST API and Linked Open Data, with extensive examples illustrating methods, syntax, and responses.

You can also use the API Console to build and test anything from the simplest search to a complex query using facets such as dates, geotags and permissions.

Getting started

Even if you’re new to Europeana, getting started is simple.

  1. Register for an API key
  2. Use the API Console to explore the content and customise queries. If you need help, check out the example Datasets and consult our extensive API documentation.
  3. Build your application. If you don’t know where to start, find inspiration in the Application Gallery - many applications have public code repositories and there’s also a Java library and Python wrapper available.

Need help?

There are lots of ways you can get help with using the Europeana APIs. Contact us directly via our contact form or at api@europeana.eu. If you want to chat with fellow developers head over to the API Forum on Google Groups and you can also follow @EuropeanaTech on Twitter.

Send us your feedback!

The Labs site is currently in beta, with a full launch planned in late June. We’d love to have your feedback on what you think works, and what needs improvement. We’re also happy to hear of any ideas you have. Please take a few minutes to fill out our quick survey and tell us what you think.

Image credit: "La chimie" by Bernard Picart. Courtesy of the Rijksmuseum. The image is in the public domain.