Vintage photographs of Vienna

Historical photographs of the famous Viennese street Ringstrasse

Take a look at historical photographs of the famous Viennese street Ringstrasse. This small collection has been carefully curated for street's 150th anniversary by the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek and also featured on Field Trip. The photos are part of a wider exhibition currently being held at the Library, ‘Wien wird Weltstadt - Vienna Becomes a Metropole’. Read more about this collaboration on Europeana Pro.

Notable for this collection is the richness of metadata. For example each entry is accurately geotagged and has a detailed text description. For developers looking to use these images in apps you will see these values available in the API response (see API Console link below) as edmPlaceLatitude/edmPlaceLongitude (together with the name of the location in edmPlaceLabel) and dcDescription.


Dataset provided by Austrian National Library.  Contact for more details.

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