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3rd Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon

The 3rd Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon will take place on 15-16 September 2017 at the University of Lausanne, in cooperation with the Laboratoire de cultures et humanités digitales, BCU Lausanne, infoclio.ch and further partners and sponsors. The workshop programme will start on 14 September.

The hackathon programme will consist of:

  • Two longer workshops/meetups (a workshop on OpenRefine, and a GLAM+Wikidata gathering) on Thursday, 14 September, afternoon, i.e. before the official start of the hackathon
  • a main hackathon track with a plenary session at the beginning and at the end of the event and self-organized group work in between
  • a side programme with workshops on various topics, aimed at the transmission of skills and know-how related to the (re-)use of heritage data
  • possibilities for participants to re-fuel and refresh themselves in a flexible manner
  • a project presentation session on Saturday night, open to the public, followed by an apéro riche for hackathon participants and invited guests

The detailed programme and possibility for registration will follow in spring 2017.

If you have questions to the organization committee, send an email to: hackathon2016@openglam.ch.