09:30 — 17:00

Crowdheritage Workshop: The RE-usable Fashion Museum and Crowd Engagement

On 14 June, a workshop on how to apply crowdfunding and crowdsourcing will take place at the ModeMuseum (MoMu) in Antwerp, Belgium. The workshop will teach cultural heritage professionals how to engage users in contributing to cultural heritage collections through crowdfunding and co-creation. MoMu's study collection will serve as use case.

During the workshop a question will be posed: Will future heritage be financed and co-curated by the crowd?

Most museum collections are locked away from their users, even though there is a strong case to be made for giving direct access. MoMu and the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Design Sciences, Conservation Studies) are setting up an accessible collection compiled for the sole purpose of study, research, training and inspiration. The goal is to initiate a new dialogue with users, and also to ensure that MoMu’s study collection is usable and reusable in every aspect.

The museum also advocates for crowdfunding and co-creation, for and with users. Therefore, Momu is working together with Goteo Foundation to build a hybrid crowdfunding and crowdsourcing framework in order to set up a reusable fashion museum.

The workshop will be held in English. And you can read more about the event’s program here.

To reserve tickets, access this link.