09:15 — 17:45

Europeana Fashion co-creation workshop

The workshop is an initiative of Europeana Fashion and has as purpose finding ways to better exploit and valorize the fashion objects available on http://www.europeanafashion.eu The event will take place at the Rijksmuseum, in Amsterdam, and is a collaboration with Europeana Foundation and Platoniq. Fashion GLAMs, creative industry professionals and users will, based on the framework of the Europeana DSI project, collectively search for uses and re-uses of digital fashion heritage. The most promising ideas will be prototyped and developed further.

Participants have been invited to choose 12 treasures from their collections for re-use. By discovering how content holders use Platoniq’s content, the event also aims to refine our ‘Co-creation made Agile’ methodology, which will be used in future re-use workshops. We'll share the participants' collections on Pinterest boards and if you can’t join us, you can still collaborate: create your “12 treasures” Pinterest board, and share it with the @Platoniq Pinterest account.

More information at http://labs.europeana.eu/blog/treasure-hunt-find-12-re-usable-buried-treasures-in-your-fashion-collection