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Europeana Food and Drink 3rd Open Innovation Challenge

The third challenge topic is ‘Reworking Digital Heritage of Food and Drink to Create Material Productions’. The Challenge aims to:

  • Explore possible ways of reusing Europeana by creative companies or freelancers on specific topics;
  • Enhance the knowledge and value of the Food & Drink heritage (tangible and intangible), that can be spread encouraging production processes reworking images to create new objects in many fields as design, advertising and marketing, digital 3D reproduction tools or other traditional printing techniques;
  • Promote artisan food productions with emphasis on local knowledge background of stakeholders, and their relation to cultural identity;
  • Promote opportunities and new business models for the European creative and cultural industry, also encouraging their connection with the traditional agriculture-food production sector

The submitted production must be documented by a video which must describe the product and explain the stages of production.

Each of the two winning products – one for 2D category and one for 3D category – will receive €2.000 and will be presented at the Third Challenge Award Event, taking place on 29 January 2016 in Sevilla, Spain.

More information and how to enter at http://foodanddrinkeurope.eu/get-involved/challenges-and-events/challengethree/