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Photomediations: a call for creative works

They are looking for still and/or moving image works (as well as post-digital collages, installations and sculptures), that creatively reuse – in the form of mashups, collages, montages, tributes or pastiches – one or more original image files taken from Europeana.

How to submit your work in 4 easy steps:
1. Check out Photomediations: An Open Book for inspiration, both about the concept of photomediations and about what can be done with various images.
2. Visit Europeana and start collecting the images you wish to work with.
3. Develop and produce your work. Use mashup, collage, montage, tribute, pastiche, or any other technique that creatively reuses the source material in some way. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
4. Please email your submission to photomediations@gmail.com

Submission requirements: http://photomediations.disruptivemedia.org.uk/submit/

Submission is FREE. The closing date for the submissions is 30 March 2016. All successful entries will be notified by the judges by the end of April 2016. Selected entries and up to 10 honourable mentions will be highlighted on the exhibition website and then shown in a real-life exhibition venue. The organisers will seek to bear the print production costs for the real-life exhibition.

For further information about the exhibition please visit http://photomediations.disruptivemedia.org.uk/

Should you have any questions, please contact photomediations@gmail.com