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Set art free – and the rest will follow!

On Friday, 29 May we will set art free! Join us in experiencing remixed artworks, playing around with interactive installations, remaking and animating masterpieces!

The Europeana Creative project is collaborating with Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) in organising an SMK Friday event, 29 May 2015 at 4—10pm. At this event, we are sharing some of the highlights of Europeana Creative pilots, and warmly welcome everyone to join the groove of culture jamming and free culture!

A few highlights of the Europeana Creative offering:

In the Culture Cam interactive installation you can engage with digitised artworks from Europeana and SMK, and play with various colours, shapes and patterns through visual similarity search. Maybe you will even find your look-a-like from the 17th century?

VanGoYourself allows you to recreate a painting with your friends, which is then twinned with the original and shared on social media. At the event, we invite you to recreate and enact paintings from the SMK’s collection. The session is hosted by Culture24.

During the day you can join the animated GIF workshop and bring SMK’s paintings to life! In this workshop we will be working with SMK’s public domain image collection, creating animated GIFs. Outcomes of the session will be presented in the museum during the SMK Friday. Free registration and more information about the animated gif workshop.

In addition, visitors can experience novel interpretations and appropriations of historical masterpieces by 13 artists and designers in the experimental Mix it up! - Open culture exhibition.

###And much much more!

SMK Fridays is a monthly evening event that caters for a young urban audience. The art is always at the center of attention, but SMK Fridays reflect the art through music, performances, talks and social experiences in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. SMK Friday attracts several thousand people every time.

###More information:

SMK event information (English)

Contact information at SMK: Merete Sanderhoff, curator of digital museum practice, merete.sanderhoff@smk.dk

Contact information at Europeana Creative: Sanna Marttila, project leader Aalto University ARTS, sanna.marttila@aalto.fi

##Don't forget

###Creative Culture Jam, Helsinki, 4 June

Can posters and paintings come into life? Is it possible to make jewellery out of 1800 century newspapers? Or how about creating melody cards from educational illustrations, using art deco wallpaper patterns to fashion designs, or giving 3D form to objects that have been painted on canvas 200 years ago? Join us to find out!

###Culture Jam conference, Vienna, 9-10 July

Culture Jam will mix inspiring keynote talks with lively discussion on topics ranging from copyright to co-creation and from living labs to business models. We’ll celebrate our innovation Challenge winners, play with the fantastic apps the project has developed and participate in some live crowd-funding madness! Find out more about the Culture Jam conference