Co-creation Made Agile Methodology

Every journey starts with the first step...but are you going in the right direction?

In partnership with Europeana, Platoniq has developed a methodology that enables you to collectively build products and services (re-)using digital cultural content.

The Co-creation Made Agile Methodology is an innovative and effective practice based on interactions and explorations in different working groups, from identifying success stories and impact indicators, to co-developing scenarios, users and diagrams by the participants themselves. It allows you to generate new development scenarios in agile ways and to prototype solutions based on your goals and needs.

Wotify (what-if-I)

A digital kit to put the Co-creation Made Agile methodology in practice, Wotify is an unique repository of tools that can be used independently or sequentially - it’s available for organisations and creatives to download, print and share. From prototyping to implementation, these tools will help you to co-design a viable creative project. You can also choose between co-creation workshops of different length where you learn about various techniques and principles from creative thinking, rapid prototyping and agile development in the timeframe which best suits your needs.

Wotify helps creative teams design viable applications, platforms and products for education, tourism, design, social innovation that reuse digital heritage content.